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Anodized aluminum colors

Post by: Admin | 07/14/2015

Aluminum anodes technology.
Aluminum will be become stiffer and more durable after undergoing a phase called "anodizing" (electrolyte and anode). Anodizing include an anodized embedded stages, usually acetone chemicals in the laboratory. Aluminium sheet will become the set of anodes and anode is a collection of chemical tank of the cathode. Power flows through the acid, as oxidation of the aluminum surface. Surface oxidation to form a hard, protective coating instead of conventional aluminum layer on the surface of aluminum.
The result of this process produced a very strong kind of link called aluminum aluminum anodes (anodized aluminum).
Hard aluminum anode can almost diamond after undergoing anodizing. Many modern buildings use aluminum anodes to make structural steel frames and structural parts exposed. aluminum anode is also commonly used raw material for the production technology advanced appliances such as pans, pots anodes. Temperatures are spread evenly across the surface of the aluminum anode, and anodizing technologies enable perfect protection. aluminum anodes can combine technology with electroplating technology conditioned anodized anodized tanks were cooled to -40 C to color aluminum anode surfaces under the copper, tin and other metallic colors . It can use all kinds of color pigment to create decorations for aluminum anode.
Thanks to strong and cohesive strength, aluminum anodes can be used for many different applications. Many kinds of artificial satellites orbiting the earth using the aluminum anode layer to protect from meteor debris. Automobile manufacturing industry uses a lot of aluminum anodes in the production of tires and the need to protect the exposed part of the car. The interior design is often used as anode aluminum frame structure designed for outdoor as well as base metals for manufacturing the lamps and other decorative items.
The houseware product and computer system chassis luxury phone can also be optimized with the use of aluminum anodes parts sheathing.
Aluminum anode can not optimal material for all applications due to its non-conductive. Unlike for other metals such as iron, oxidation does not weaken the links of aluminum. Grade "stainless aluminum" (aluminum rust) was created after oxidation is still part of the original aluminum structure and will not turn to food, or easily lost by mechanical action. This is fundamental in manufacturing applications, as well as kitchen appliances with applications considered reliability is paramount.
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